Creativity game

theory and practice of spatial planning | number 4 | year 2016 | ISSN 2350-3637


Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek1, Alenka Fikfak2: Editorial of the 4th Issue

1 Editors-in-charge / UL FGG, 2 Editor in charge / UL FA
Over the last three years, this journal – Igra ustvarjalnosti/Creativity Game – went through some teething problems that typically accompany each new publication. We are happy to learn that our first steps were successful, nevertheless we strive for an even wider recognition and visibility. This can be achieved both by those who publish in this journal, and thus raise its profile, as well as the readers themselves. This year’s issue features papers on very different topics that, on the one hand, address the questions related to the role and importance of public open space in cities, both in connection with central activities and sustainable transport planning and, on the other hand, cover topics such as rural planning and regeneration of brownfields.

We want to draw particular attention to the paper stressing the role of teaching activities in tertiary education that must be primarily directed at motivating students to engage in deep learning. The professional part of the journal is again devoted to workshop and project presentations, demonstrating a wide range of content and fields that the students deal with.

In conclusion, let us remind you that next year marks the fifth anniversary of our journal, which will be a milestone in several respects. We will place even more importance on the quality of the selected papers and expand the publications internationally. We want to continue sharing our experiences both in research and professionally, so we will introduce some changes in the operation of this journal. We hope that the journal will thus receive a new impetus and make a successful transition from an early stage to a more mature, richer, and thus also more visible stage.


Marija Prašin Kolbezen, Peter Gabrijelčič:
Quality of Rural Areas
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 4/2016, 30-37.

Tomaž Biščak:
Multistage Method of Determining the Development of Rural Settlements
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 4/2016, 38-45.

Gašper Mrak, Robert Klinc:
Encouraging Deep Approach to Learning in Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 4/2016, 46-54.

Projects, Workshops, Competitions and Presentations

Razvoj mreže znanja za trajnostno in vzdržno okolje UDK 72.036 page 58
Urban Design, Urban-Architectural and spatial Planning Workshops page 114-176
[Imagine Downtown] Lafayette page 180
The Symbol – Design of a Symbol of Different Activities page 182
Smart Urbanism: Innovative Approaches to Urban Planning and Design page 186
International Symposium on Cultural Heritage and Legal Issues: International legal standards
for heritage protection in a period of economic recession and tools for safeguarding protection standards
page 188

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