Terms of use


Terms of Use

Publisher and Head Office
IGRA USTVARJALNOSTI – teorija in praksa urejanja prostora (IU) / CREATIVITY GAME – Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning (CG) is a scientific journal covering architecture, civil engineering, urban design, spatial planning, landscape architecture, sociology and other related disciplines in social and technical sciences (hereinafter: the journal). The founders and publishers of the journal are the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, both of the University of Ljubljana (hereinafter: the publishers). The head office of the journal is at the address of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana.

Mission, Purpose and Public Interest of the Journal
The mission, purpose and public interest of the journal shall be implemented by creation and dissemination of programming and by the contribution to the development of theory and practice in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, urban design, spatial planning, landscape architecture, sociology and other related disciplines in social and technical sciences. Theoretically and methodologically, the journal is pluralistic, with special emphasis on the consolidation of Slovenian terminology in the fields related to spatial studies and the study of built form. With its international activities and inclusion of the journal into domestic and international bibliographic and text databases, the journal shall be dedicated to promote authors and to publicise their scientific and professional achievements, both domestically and internationally. The journal shall publish scientific and professional papers and other professional manuscripts (reviews, presentations of research, workshops, competitions, professional and research projects and other activities connected to spatial studies and the study of built form).
There is no Article Processing Fee charged to authors and articles are immediately available on the journal website once published. The journal is free-of-charge and available online.

Manner, Area and Language of Dissemination of Programming
The journal shall be published once a year (as an e-journal) in electronic format (e-ISSN 2350-3637), supporting the principle of free access to scientific publications and, hence, shall be publicly accessible. The languages of the manuscripts shall be Slovenian and/or English. The authors themselves shall be responsible for translation into English and/or for language editing of the manuscripts. All manuscripts written in English shall have an abstract in Slovenian, which shall be the responsibility of the editorial board.

Selection of Manuscripts
During the manuscript submission, the authors must consistently follow the instructions regarding the standardised scientific procedures, appearance and typology of documents. The scientific and professional articles shall be subject to peer review. The review procedure shall be anonymous. Only articles with positive reviews shall be published. The reviewers shall be selected by area editors in agreement with the editors-in-chief.

The author retains all moral rights to the copyright work published in the journal. The author transfers the economic right to reproduction, the right of making available to the public in the Republic of Slovenia and abroad exclusively to the publishers once and for all, for all cases and in an unlimited number of copies, and for all media. The transfer to the publishers is non-exclusive and temporally and territorially unlimited. The authors shall under no circumstances be requested to write or change their manuscript in a way that they disagree with. Prior to the publication, the author shall sign the copyright statement certifying that the manuscript is the original work of the author and does not infringe any statutory or common-law copyright or any proprietary right of any third party. In case of claims by third parties, authors commit their self to defend the interests of the publisher, and shall cover any potential costs.