Call for Papers - IU-CG no. 5/2017

Call for Paperfor 5th Issue

The interaction between the natural environment and the anthropogenic impact has undergone diverse development. While the impact on nature has significantly increased during the industrialisation, the awareness of its consequences only grew in the last 50 years.


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Creativity Game

The journal CREATIVITY GAME (CG) – Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning is free-of-charge and available online at journal's website. There is no Article Processing Fee charged to authors and articles are immediately available on the journal website once published.

Matjaž Mikoš On the first issue

Dean of Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The life around us is a constant interaction between the withering away and fading of the old and obsolete and the formation and birth of the new and modern. In a small territory, as is the case of Slovenia in the global scale, it is truly a bold decision to develop and launch a new scientific journal. Before you is the first issue of the electronic scientific journal with a meaningful title Igra ustvarjalnosti – Creativity Game. In the 20 years of their journey as independent members of the University of Ljubljana, the founders and publishers of the journal, i.e. the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, have taken a step forward in all areas of their work. Despite their separate ways in the education of architects, civil engineers and geodesists, they have maintained an exemplary collaboration in the delivery of study programmes, particularly in the fields of urban studies and spatial planning.


Peter Gabrijelčič Spatial Studies Revisited

Dean of Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia

With the birth of the journal CREATIVITY GAME – Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning we wish to open up the field of understanding research activities, from its classic/scientific/research approaches to artistic practices as an aspect of intuitive and emotional research. The new journal may offer an open communication platform for the formation of a »common ground« for all researches in different fields and using different research approaches, who are directly or indirectly involved with spatial issues. We wish to draw attention to the now neglected role of artistic creation as an important form in the research process, and to the much needed collaboration and integration of all forms and levels of research. This is particularly important for the Faculty of Architecture. Namely, in the academic circles of European schools of architecture, the question persists: What s the primary role of the schools: teaching or scientific research? Notably, a half of European architectural institutions has embarked on the road of predominantly theoretical scientific research, abandoning architectural creation as the basic subject matter of teaching, while replacing it with its own para-discourse – this has become a field of science by itself; however, without a significant impact on material realization in architectural practice.


About the journal
Creativity Game

The idea behind the founding of the journal IGRA USTVARJALNOSTI (IU) – teorija in praksa urejanja prostora / CREATIVITY GAME (CG) – Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning emerged from a successful scientific monograph with the same title Creativity Game published in 2012.