Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning | Number 6 | Year 2018 | ISSN 2350-3637


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Editor-in-charge / UL FA
The Igra ustvarjalnosti/The Creativity Game journal has become a constant in the lives of its editors, the Editorial Board, the International Board, and its contributors, past and present. The current volume (2018) is Volume 6. What did we study and create this past year? We are becoming an interdisciplinary and international journal. We spread our activities to the Balkans, Middle East, Baltic. The reader will immediately wonder about the common denominator. Is it only about fulfiling scientific performance and the desire to keep the journal alive? Similarly to the journal’s content changing from one field to another, I also wonder about the profession’s content – where do we stand in Slovenia and what is different abroad. ...

Nothing is different yet everything is different. Buildings are colourful, unfinished, scattered, land plots disorganised – a mix of individuality, composition without composition (until this new composition becomes a different kind of order in disorder), with flat, pitched, gable roofs at the same time, with materials added from everywhere. We are becoming increasingly global, the local identity no longer exists. But when we enter a space we come across a completely different cultural context. It gives us a sense of security, respect, friendliness, relaxation, comfort, and contrasting feelings as well (cognitive, experiential space). Under the impression of various places I find that rather than buildings, settlement, and surroundings, it is people, culture, and tradition that cause these feelings. Below you will find four photos that were taken during my travels, explorations, and teaching in various places in 2018: Germany, Kosovo, Lebanon, and Japan.

Any other researcher would provide accurate information about where a photo was taken and about its significance. But I leave this to you, readers, to create your own opinions about these four impressions. Each of this “moments captured with phone” carries an unforgettable experience of life in itself. But not because of the beauty of the ambience, but rather because of the experience, a moment mixed with one’s well-being and feelings. Each moment could be broken down in terms of date, hour, weather conditions, location, environmental parameters, such as wind, sun, rain; and a person’s condition: headache, lack of sleep, interest in one’s surroundings, the desire to walk, passivity of looking at the built environment versus the natural surroundings. This year’s papers are exactly like that. At first sight they have nothing in common. But each hides in itself not only a study, but the experience of becoming involved with the journal, the journey of writing a scientific paper. 2018 has been another year of unforgettable stories that we, researchers, created and wrote – enjoy reading about them.


Peter Mikša, Matija Zorn:
National "marking" of Slovenian Mountains Before World War I
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 6/2018, 22-29.

Sebastiano Marconcini:
The Urban Scale of Inclusion: Reflections and Proposals for Accessible Public Spaces
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 6/2018, 52-56.

Martina Zbašnik-Senegačnik:
The Impacts of Interior Space on Children in Schools and Kindergartens
Creative Commons License IU/CG, 6/2018, 82-89.

Projects, Workshops and Undergraduate Thesis

Review and analysis of development visions and potentials of Slovenian cities for defining key urban development measures. page 109
Urban renewal decision support system balancing energy efficiency and management of local resources in neighbourhoods in Slovenia page 112
PKP - Technical Heritage as a Driving Force of the Turism Development in the Divača Municipality page 116
PKP - Development of a New Non-Destructive Method for Strength Assessment of the Beech Timber page 118
PKP - Solutions for the Passage of Aquatic Organisms Through Transversal Obstacles on Sava River page 120
BROWNFIELD (RE)DEVELOPMENT: New perspectives for «ZATON» page 124
Urbanisation of Gračanica page 126
BULTHAUP page 128
Urban renewal workshop on Tržaška street in Postojna page 130
Urbanistic workshop Cinto-Caomaggiore page 132
FROM ROADS TO STREETS - Urban Regeneration for Street Conviviality – The Case of Suburbs of Ljubljana page 134
FROM ROADS TO STREETS: Urban Regeneration for Street Conviviality – SAVSKO NASELJE page 136
FROM ROADS TO STREETS: Urban Regeneration for Street Conviviality – LITOSTROJ page 138
FROM ROADS TO STREETS: Urban Regeneration for Street Conviviality – RUSKI CAR page 140
Youmna Saliba: Beirut's Old Shoreline – A Condenser of Memory page 148
Nada Keyrouz: The Absolut Asceticism: Qornet El Sawda – Lebanon page 152
Aline Tashjian: Foodport-The Culinary Experience By The Beirut River, Lebanon page 156
Elie Gebrael AlKhoury: MANIFESTO: Revolution Platform – Al Bourj - Beirut page 160
Jawad Maatouk: The Boulevard's Catalyst – Amchit Cultural And Art Craft Destination page 164
Jessica Lahoud: The 'Other' Market & Other Places. Gemmayzeh, Beirut – Lebanon page 168
Andraž Miculinič: Spatial arrangement of the shoreline strip between Koper and Izola based on local population needs analysis page 172
Davor Grabar: Degraded areas as a potential for the establishement of the alternative cultural activities page 176

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