Creativity game

theory and practice of spatial planning | number 7 | year 2019 | ISSN 2350-3637


Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek: Issue No. 7 is in pre-press

Editor-in-charge / UL FA
The first part is thematic and relates to “Theory by Design Systems”. Learn more about the thematic part in a separate editorial. As in the previous issues, the various papers in the second part were submitted by young people who are yet to be tested in their field of research. They cover a wide range of topics and fields related to the built environment. Regardless of their diversity, what these topics seem to have in common is a new and fresh take on pursuing new methodological approaches, while testing the old ones.
The Igra ustvarjalnosti/The Creativity Game journal is in prepress. The editorship has aquired funds for printed version and this issue will have a paper version as well.


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