Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning | Number 1 | Year 2013 | ISSN 2350-3637

Živa Deu:

Role and Importance of Workshops in the Development of Heritage Protection

Creative Commons License DOI 10.15292/IU-CG.2013.01.040-045 | UDK 72.719(082) | SUBMITTED: February 2013 | REVISED: May 2013 | PUBLISHED: July 2013
Author's affiliation: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Slovenia

This contribution presents a detailed account of the role and importance of urbanist-architecture and architecture workshops. The analysis of the chosen sample of twenty-five workshops tied to the developmental protection of the heritage of built structures and the preservation of immobile cultural heritage as a whole illuminates the pedagogic importance and examines the transmission of workshop products into practice. It has been established that in addition to raising new architects the workshops posses a wider educational importance. Apart from the client the workshop process includes the local inhabitants who, through the process, familiarize themselves with less well known expert and practical knowledge. Without it any expectation of a quality settlement of vital building heritage would not be merited. An overview of the results stemming from the workshops demonstrates that practical applications do not achieve desired results. Many products remained locked in the clients’ desk drawers with less than half ever put into practice. All the workshops, including the ones not, or not yet realised in their intended form, produced material of lasting value, specifically in the work of the regional Institutes for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The materials handed over to institutes playing an important role in the productive efforts of the high grade of protection and development of heritage include multi-layered analyses of valuable built structures and architectural recordings. From the point of view of developmental protection of Slovenian cultural heritage and due to the demonstrated use of important analytic material and especially due to their proven educational value the exercise of workshops in various settlements of Slovenian space is indispensable.

workshops, education, heritage, immobile cultural heritage


Deu, Ž. (2013). Role and Importance of Workshops in the Development of Heritage Protection. Igra ustvarjalnosti - Creativity Game, (1), 40-45.

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