Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning | Number 3 | Year 2015 | ISSN 2350-3637

Maurizio Bradaschia:

The old port of Trieste: A century of projects and proposals for an unresolved issue

Creative Commons License DOI 10.15292/IU-CG.2015.03.062-067 | UDK 711.453.4 | SUBMITTED: 05/2015 | REVISED: | PUBLISHED: 10/2015
Author's affiliation: Universita Degli Studi di Trieste, Architettura, Italy

Two major unresolved issues of the past two centuries for the city of Trieste: “cittavecchia” (the old medieval town) and the old port. While the first, after more than a hundred years of decay and neglect has finally arrived, thanks to a shared political will to a good start-up phase: many buildings, thanks to European funds, since 1998, have been recovered and, despite the work cannot be regarded concluded, “cittavecchia” returned to be part of the historic center of Trieste, the same cannot be said for the old port. Built on a single project signed by the French engineer Paulin Talabot, between 1860 and 1900, the old port of Trieste, once completed, immediately showed its inability to perform the functions for which it was designed and built: storage techniques, the size of the store, geometric relationships and, more generally port mode changed very rapidly from the mid ‘800 to early '900, had necessitated finding new areas for the port facilities in the Habsburg city of Trieste.

Trieste, cittavecchia, old town, old port


Bradaschia, M. (2015). The old port of Trieste: A century of projects and proposals for an unresolved issue. Igra ustvarjalnosti - Creativity Game, (3), 62-67.

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