Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning | Number 3 | Year 2015 | ISSN 2350-3637

Maurizio Bradaschia:

The definition of a Programme that Elaborates an Architectural Project

Creative Commons License DOI 10.15292/IU-CG.2015.03.014-023 | UDK 72.01 | SUBMITTED: 05/2016 | REVISED: | PUBLISHED: 10/2016
Author's affiliation: Universita Degli Studi di Trieste, Architettura, Italy

The definition of a programme, elaborating an architectonical project, is the first step that a designer takes to solve a complicated problem, giving multiple and many answers, to reach one of the possible synthesis: the project. There are many ways and possible methods. It’s not easy to summarize a method. Usually, before the installation of a program, you have to know the project theme and the context in which it will be realized. The acquisition and implementation of this knowledge can be obtained through direct researches (surveys, evaluations, etc.) or indirect researches (documentary researches, archive surveys, library, etc.) and morphological and typological analysis of the context being transformed.

architectonical project, building project, the sketch, geometry, regulatory lines


Bradaschia, M. (2015). The definition of a Programme that Elaborates an Architectural Project. Igra ustvarjalnosti - Creativity Game, (3), 14-23.

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